The GMC Acadia is the Most American Car

Perhaps you’ve heard speculation in the past of which vehicle best represents America. Is it the classic American pickup? The speedy American sports car? The spacious American family sedan? What you may not know is that every year Kogod School of Business at American University conducts a study to actually answer the question of which vehicle is most American. The Washington, D.C. school then publishes its study as the “Made in America Auto Index.”

GMC Acadia

But what makes a vehicle American, according to them? Kogod has formed a list of seven factors that go into their study. These are profit margin, labor, research and development, inventory, engine, transmission, and body, chassis, and electrical components. The more of these things occur in America, the higher the score. For example, a vehicle whose labor is done in American gets a higher score, just as a vehicle whose engine is produced in America gets a higher score.

So why does this matter to us at Simi Valley Buick GMC?  Well, because the GMC Acadia has for the second year in a row been declared one of the “most American” cars. According to the study, 85.5% of its seven factors are produced or performed in the country. In a time when our country is focused on developing jobs for our nation, that’s something we can be proud of.

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