Trick or Treaters - trick-or-treat safety tips

Our Top 3 Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips

Trick or Treaters - trick-or-treat safety tips

Keep an eye out on the road for cars when you’re trick-or-treating this Halloween.

Kids love everything about Halloween. After all, what other time of the year do they get to dress up like a fairy-tale princess, a frightening monster or their favorite superhero and run around the neighborhood getting candy for free? However, if you are not careful, the spooky fun of Halloween can turn into a scary reality. Follow these trick-or-treat safety tips to keep the kids and yourself safe while you’re all collecting some tasty treats.


  • Adult Supervision: Despite kids best intentions, they will get overly excited while trick-or-treating. Maybe they’ll be in a competition to see who can get the most candy, or maybe they just want to hit as many houses as possible. Whatever the case maybe, they often aren’t looking out for cars on Halloween. This is one reason why kids under 12 shouldn’t be allowed to trick or treat without an adult present. Bonus points if several adults are accompanying a large group of kids who decided to trick or treat together.
  • Walk Safely: People are still out driving on Halloween, so keep an eye out for cars and look both ways before crossing the street. Walk on the sidewalk, not in the road, and keep your eyes on the sidewalk instead of staring at your electronic devices, and make sure that your children are doing the same
  • Keep Costumes Safe: Try to opt for costumes that are bright and easily seen. We know some kids like to wear mostly black outfits for Halloween – if they want to be witches, vampires, black cats, or grim reapers, for example – so consider putting reflective tape somewhere on their costume just in case, or at least convince your kids to carry a flashlight. This will not only help them see any rocks or branches that may be in the way, but also help cars driving around to see them.


Following these trick-or-treat safety tips is sure to promise you a night of fun, scares, and free candy. Another note – if you’re a driver, watch out for little ones crossing the street. We should all do our part to keep our children safe.

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