Buick Encore - engine option for the Encore

More Powerful Engine Option for the Buick Encore?

Buick Encore - engine option for the Encore

If you want more power in your SUV, then the possible new Buick Encore engine might be the perfect match for you.

When it comes to powertrain options, it looks as though the Buick Encore might be receiving an… Encore.

In what would likely be an effort to increase the crossover’s success with new customers and remain a step ahead of the competition in the ever-growing compact SUV market, Buick US Vice President Duncan Aldred announced plans to possibly release a more powerful engine option for the Buick Encore in future iterations.  To date, the only choice offered to US consumers in its two years of production is the turbocharged 1.4-liter four-cylinder, which ponies up 138 horses.

Although Aldred said that he would be lying if the company wasn’t seriously considering an alternative engine option for the Encore, he seemingly warned consumers not to get too excited yet as production costs verses consumer requests were being analyzed.

“I’m looking to grow volumes, and we’re always looking at customer feedback for what changes we need to make…but there’s always a trade-off between cost and benefit,” Aldred told Automotive News.

With any luck, these seeds will bear fruit and we will be able to offer an even more powerful version of the Encore at Simi Valley Buick GMC very soon. Stay tuned!

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