How to save fuel

How to Save Fuel When Driving

How to save fuel

Check out these tips to help you fill up less and get more out of your tank!

Whether you’re driving used, new, or even hybrid, there are always ways to improve your fuel economy. In fact, most car experts agree that the biggest influence over a car’s mileage is the way it is driven. So if you were wondering what you could do to get your fuel economy up, we’ve put together this short and sweet list of tips to help you out!

First, basic car maintenance is key. Maintaining proper tire pressure, for example, ensures that the engine doesn’t need to work harder to turn the wheels. Cleaning the car’s exterior also has an impact by helping it remain aerodynamically efficient, thereby reducing drag.

Behind the wheel, the best thing you can do is to smooth out your throttle and brake inputs. This means accelerating more softly, taking longer distances to brake, avoiding overtakes, etc. In addition, try not to drive at speeds beyond the limit. It may sound a bit boring, but doing all this could help you achieve mileage improvements of more than 50 percent! It’ll also extend the life of your brakes and tires, so you’ll be saving money at the repair shop too!

Other tips to help you save fuel include removing excess cargo in the car, keeping the convertible top up, using cruise control, and turning off the engine while waiting.

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