kids in back seat of SUV - car ready for car pools

Get Your Car Ready for Carpools

kids in back seat of SUV - car ready for car pools

Make sure everyone’s ready for the new school year with our tips on how to get your car ready for carpools.

You might be ready for the upcoming school year, but how about your vehicle? Here’s how to get your car ready for carpools:


  1. Check Your Tires – Your first step involves some routine maintenance. Take a look at your tires. Are they in good shape? Inflated to their proper pressure? Consider having a professional check both your tires and your alignment. Having properly inflated and -rotated tires can save you a lot of money in the long run.
  2. Top Off  Your Fluids and Get An Oil Change – Next, top off any fluids that need it. Don’t forget about your windshield wiper fluid! If it’s about time for an oil change, then have that done before school starts. Check your owner’s manual and look for a routine maintenance schedule. If anything needs doing, get it done!
  3. Clean  Your Car’s Interior – There are lots of little things you can do to help protect your vehicle’s interior from all of the passengers that will be coming and going. Seat covers can prevent damaging stains. Also, keep cleaning materials handy so that when accidents happen, you can address them immediately.
  4. Safety Inspections – Of course, safety is of paramount importance as get your car ready for carpools. Have your brakes inspected. Also, check each safety belt and make sure it secures easily and properly.


Fall is just around the corner and with it, the new school year. Make sure to get your car ready for carpools!

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