Buick Cascada

Buick Models Made in China in Near Future

Buick Cascada

The Buick Cascada is currently made in Europe, but what if it was made in China?

Rumor is running rampant that General Motors might be looking to move the production of certain new Buick models overseas over the next several years. The move is likely being considered in order to help GM reduce costs and keep a uniform standard of quality for all new models.

China is the largest market for the Buick brand, with sales quadrupling those in the United States. Buick sales in China reached over 919,000 in 2014 while United States sales fell just short of 229,000. This move has led to more new Buick models being produced domestically for the Chinese market, including the Excelle GT and Envision.

As a result of lower production and exportation costs, it wouldn’t be a shock to see Buick models built in China and exported to other global markets in the near future. It’s rumored that Buick will only maintain North American production for the next-gen Enclave and LaCrosse, leaving all other new models to be built in China or Europe by 2017.

The Cascada convertible will be imported from Europe at the start of 2016. The Envision crossover will be shipped overseas from China later in the year as well.

Neither Buick nor General Motors has confirmed or denied any future plans as of yet.

“We do not comment on future product speculation,” said a Buick spokesman.

We here at Simi Valley Buick GMC are certain of one thing: wherever GM builds its new Buicks, they’re sure to be of the utmost quality.

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