2015 GMC Canyon - 2015 GMC Canyon features

2015 GMC Canyon Features Make For a Capable and Formidable Midsize Truck

2015 GMC Canyon - 2015 GMC Canyon features

A powerful engine and towing capabilities set this great pick-up apart from its competition.

With best in-class features, the 2015 GMC Canyon is formidable within the midsize truck category. The economically-friendly V6 offering sports 18 MPG and 26 MPG highway, leading to the best-in-class fuel economy among its peers. The ultra-quiet and precisely crafted interior offers a comfortable and sophisticated driving experience while the sporty accents offer a touch of the GMC’s bent towards fluid design language.

The available 305-horsepower V6 can tow up to a 7000 lb capacity making it more than equal to most any towing requests, while still keeping a small enough profile for city driving needs. The options abound on this capable truck and the 2015 GMC Canyon features a five or six foot bed and available crew cab or extended cab variants. With striking styling and a sturdy foundation, the GMC Canyon is truly a standout among mid-size truck offerings.

Selecting among various trim, technology-packages, and model-variants will tailor your own 2015 GMC Canyon that is equal to your every demand, and it is available for order at Simi Valley Buick GMC.

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