Buick Avenir's Headlights

Buick Avenir’s Lighting Leads the Way for Future Design

Buick Avenir's Headlights

Signature lighting helps the Buick Avenir make a statement, no matter how dark it is outside.

The Buick Avenir is the brand’s latest concept vehicle, and it could eventually lead to Buick’s next range-topping model. The Avenir Concept previews Buick’s future design language – including new headlights that will change the way we think about lighting and its impact on the design of a car.

Buick’s headlight and taillight designs have always been a major identifying feature for the brand, and now with an entirely new design and shape, the brand is heading in a new, sophisticated direction. The most exciting part of the Buick Avenir’s lighting isn’t the new shape though, it’s the technology under the glass that’s capturing attention.

According to a recent news release, the headlamps use a trio of LED assemblies create a wave-like formation. The headlights and taillights also feature diffused light elements that create “wings” which stretch across the light assembly in a similar shape as the fenders.

“Signature lighting is often the first design element people notice on a vehicle, even if it happens to be hundreds of feet away,” said Davis. “A distinctive illuminated graphic is incredibly important – it is an opportunity to visually communicate the design aesthetic of the brand. The wing signature lighting is a Buick design hallmark that will help you identify a Buick product on the road.”

Here at Simi Valley Buick GMC, we can’t help but love the distinct look of the Avenir’s headlights (and taillights). Stay tuned for more details on the Avenir, including whether you can expect to one day buy your own.

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