Buick Avenir Concept Car

The Avenir Concept Interior Design Fit for a King

Buick Avenir Concept Car

The Buick Avenir softly whispers luxury, whether you are admiring its sleek, fluid exterior, or relaxing in its plush interior.

Fans of the new Buick Avenir Concept can’t stop raving about the incredible interior design, especially the luxury materials. Drawing inspiration from shoreline imagery, designers utilize an array of high-quality materials including tailored leather, unique acrylic, and wood trim.

According to Buick, the 2015 Avenir Concept’s interior design features port wood accents on door panels, which is traditionally found on high-end furniture. Although you might be on the highway, Buick doesn’t see why you can’t be comfortable. Aside from the wood trim, the sculpted instrument panel features acrylic paneling in wave-like patters, covered by a high-gloss outer layer.

“With Avenir’s interior, we really wanted to select materials that would complement the surfaces within,” said Rebecca Waldemir, Buick design manager. “Using a distinctive combination of premium leather, suede, wood, chrome and acrylic, we were able to design elements that flow seamlessly throughout the interior.”

One of the most distinctive aspects of the interior is the premium tailored leather featured on the seats. Not only does it give drivers an incredible sense of elegance while behind the wheel, it’s also more comfortable than most other materials. That means long trips will be a piece of cake. With all of these great new materials combined, it’s no wonder that so many are hoping that the Avenir Concept results in a production model someday. In the meantime, stop by Simi Valley Buick GMC and test drive one of the great Buick cars we do have in stock.

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