Classic Buick Car

How the 1951 LeSabre Concept Car Shaped an Era

Classic Buick Car

The 1951 Buick LeSabre Concept car influences decades of Buick cars, such as this classic Buick car, with its bold design.

When a carmaker introduces a concept car to the world, there is always hope that it will be the “Next Big Thing,” influencing many cars to come. For General Motors, the concept vehicle that has truly made a lasting impact on its brand is the 1951 LeSabre Concept Car. Not only has this concept car influenced an era of Buick models, but it also has a direct connection to an icon in GM’s early history—GM stylist Harley Earl.

Earl created the LeSabre to reflect the look of early fighter jets, with a nose that looks similar to a turbine intake. Through this styling method, the stylist was able to create an aggressive, futuristic look to the LeSabre that was previously missing from Buick cars. The concept car was not only a looker—it also incorporated a variety of features that turned contemporary automobiles on their head. This includes a moisture sensor that automatically raised the convertible top if it sensed rain and a dual fuel system that burned both alcohol and gasoline.

The 1951 LeSabre Concept Car managed to influence Buick over the years, making it the American carmaker’s mission to provide aggressively-styled vehicles that offer top-notch technology to all. For a glimpse at these features, make sure you stop in to Simi Valley Buick GMC today and give one of our models a test drive!

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