Car Crash

Car-to-Car Communications – Safety for the Future

Car Crash

Car-to-Car Communications could help eliminate crashes and save lives.

On Monday, officials from the Obama administration announced that they are completing testing technology that allows cars to communicate with each other and will help alleviate future accidents.

This technology would enable vehicles to speak in short range radio signals and trade information to help prevent crashes.

“We believe this is just the first step towards automated active safety wherein the system will not only detect but also prevent accidents on its own,” analysts from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said.

While many automakers, such as General Motors, Honda Motor Company, and Toyota Motor Company have all taken some steps to implement this technology into their vehicles, auto safety officials believe it will take industry-wide regulations to have this technology fully in practice.

While the NHTSA won’t speculate on the costs of adding the car-to-car communications, they believe that this technology could save over 80% of the more than 30,000 traffic fatalities that occur in the U.S. every year. Morgan Stanley analysts, however, look at the costs another way – these car-to-car communications could save the American public billions of dollars in car accident expenses.

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