2015 Buick Verano

From the Ground Up- The Verano’s High-Performance Tires

2015 Buick Verano

The Verano’s high-performance tires make all the difference when navigating the busy streets of Simi Valley.

When it comes to increasing the Buick Verano’s refinement, Buick engineers began as close to the ground as possible—with the wheels. The 2015 Verano features new, finely-tuned wheels that offer a more comfortable ride and less road noise.


“Far from being little more than a chunk of rubber, tires are a complex machines, made up of dozens of components, chemicals and compounds that must perform perfectly to deliver the traction, braking safety, fuel economy, tread life and road manners today’s drivers expect,” said Jim Smith, editor of Tire Review magazine, in a statement.


When engineers were working on the Verano, they had to balance fuel economy, rolling resistance, ride comfort, and make sure drivers would still get an engaging experience. With this in mind, Buick worked closely with Continental Tire to develop two tire packages for the Verano.


The base Verano will come equipped with 17-inch P225/50R17 tires that offer low rolling resistance and improved fuel efficiency. On the Verano Turbo, drivers will get crisp handling and a sporty feel with 18-inch P235/45R18 tires.


The 2015 Buick Verano will be coming to Simi Valley Buick GMC soon. Come see how great with the Verano’s high-performance tires feel while you’re on the road.


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