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Buick-Badged Opel Cascada Expected in 2016

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Rumor has it that in 2016, we may see a new Buick convertible on the roads.

Here’s a challenge: find a sexy, performance-oriented four-seat convertible and buy it, but don’t run your wallet dry in the process. Odds are you won’t be very successful, and that’s because affordable cruisers are just not that common in the current American market.

GM aims to change that, and it has the solution: the Opel Cascada. What’s “Opel,” you ask? Oh, just the European version of Buick. And the Cascada, despite sharing a name with the German electropop band, is actually one of the sexiest-yet-affordable droptops to grace Europe’s lovely windy road.

According to GM Inside News, the Opel Cascada is very likely to make its way across the Atlantic for the 2016 model year, featuring nearly identical styling and a possible 1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder under the hood.

The fact that the Cascada already rides on the same Delta II platform used by the Verano makes the move all the more likely, even though Buick has declined to comment at this time. Well, we all know what “declines to comment” means. With a bit of luck, we’ll see a rebadged Cascada right here at Simi Valley Buick GMC within a few years!

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