2014 Buick Enclave Rear Entertainment

Avoid the “Puke Zone” With the Buick Enclave

2014 Buick Enclave Rear Entertainment

The position of the rear seat DVD player in the Buick Enclave is designed to help reduce motion sickness.

Motion sickness may not be something you personally endure behind the wheel of a car. But, you’re probably not foreign to it if you have young children frequently riding the back seat.

Fortunately, if you own a Buick Enclave, the number of road trips during which one of your little passengers gets car sick while watching the latest animated flick on your rear DVD player is going to decrease. This is because the General Motors’ Human Factors group went to great lengths to carefully placing the screen outside what they call the “puke zone.”

“We know through other scientific research that even if our eyes are focused on a fixed point – if we can see the outside passing by in the window – our brain is telling us that we are moving,” Don Shreves, the GM Human Factors engineering group manager stated.  “But if our eyes are at a downward angle and do not see the view outside the vehicle, our bodies become sensitive to motion and increase the chance of sickness.”

The GM Human Factor’s group managed to do just that with the new Buick Enclave, helping to determine the best location of the DVD player based on their research and helping families everywhere avoid the “puke zone” portion of drives.

Every year, the group conducts about 100 studies to find out more about the way customers interact with vehicles. Part of that effort includes working with children on Take Your Child to Work Day.

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